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Always Blooming exceeded my expectations in every way! We hired the team to help transform our backyard (including pavers and a fire pit). Ray, the owner, demonstrated unparalleled dedication and... keep reading

Susan Emanuel Avatar Susan Emanuel
November 29, 2023

Quick responses to any questions I had. Courteous, professional, and did amazing work cleaning up some overgrown flowerbeds and trimming up the sego palms!

Lilly-Anna Lacount (Riri) Avatar Lilly-Anna Lacount (Riri)
October 29, 2023

Great ppl

Tim English Avatar Tim English
December 29, 2022

Always Blooming offers 5-star paver installation and contracting services in the Florida Panhandle. We are trusted by homeowners and business owners alike. Our installation team is quick, honest and does NOT cut corners. We've been around for over 44 years helping to create enjoyable outdoor spaces. This includes retaining walls, driveways, patios, pools, sidewalks, and outdoor kitchens. We serve Crestview, Niceville, Pace, Freeport, Fort Walton Beach, Milton, Navarre and the surrounding areas.

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Everything you need to know about installing pavers

As a Paving Contractor, we can transform your yard into something beautiful and easy to maintain.

It's good to know a thing or two about pavers before you buy and have them installed on your property. We want to give you the knowledge to make a good decision.

Interlocking Pavers are considered the ideal solution for creating beautiful patios, walkways and driveways because of the design flexibility and the superior drainage it provides. We will go into detail on how these pavers work, what materials they are made out of, and other materials used in the installation process.

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What are Pavers?

"Paver" refers to flat stones designed for paving walkways, patios, and driveways. Choices of Concrete and Brick Pavers are installed the same way and both offer tremendous durability and years of use.

What is the difference between Brick and Concrete Pavers?

Concrete Pavers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete and adding a coloring agent into a mold of some shape and allowing to set. These are designed to interlock with each other. Concrete Pavers are very durable and offer unlimited design applications. Pavers made from concrete are the preferred choice of pavers in the Niceville and surrounding areas.

While Brick Pavers are not as popular in Niceville, some people like to recycle old bricks to add character to their homes.

Brick Pavers

Color is achieved by mixing in various types of clays, color retains better than concrete, when exposed to UV rays. To the question of durability - chips might occur with bricks, but they last for generations. Bricks may crack due to stress of traffic, or moisture, while concrete pavers can erode and fade over time.

Clay bricks resist staining and require less maintenance and cleaning than concrete pavers. Brick pavers usually have an increased installation labor. All pavers are durable, bricks are more likely to crack under heavy vehicle traffic.

Pavers are usually more expensive than concrete, due to the manufacturing process and labor. Where concrete locally costs around $5 to $8 per square foot, pavers are going to cost much more due to the material costs and prep work involved. Prepping the area where the pavers are to be installed can be intensive. Often this involves removing concrete, roots and rocks. Then you need to prep the bed and insure the drainage is correct. From there you have additional labor for the installation and design.

While Pavers may be more expensive in some instances, keep in mind you are creating a work of art for your home that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

There are a lot of factors involved in coming up with a paver installation quote, which is why we don't offer a per square foot installed price. The paver material pricing varies based on site conditions and access, which is why we are happy to come to your home to give you a through estimate and explain options available to you.

What is Polymeric Sand?

Polymeric sand is used to fill the joints between pavers, including concrete, brick and stone pavers. This product is a fine sand combined with additives, usually silica, that, when mixed with water, form a binding agent. These binders lock the sand particles together, which helps lock all of the pavers together.

Benefits of Using Polymeric Sand

  • Polymeric sand improves durability by binding agents that help lock the pavers together. Thus, more strength over the long haul.
  • A heavy rain will not wash all of the sand out of the joints between pavers if you use polymeric sand. This will help keep the foundation of your project sturdy.
  • Polymeric sand deters ants and weeds.
  • Polymeric sand comes in a variety of colors, to complement your pavers.

Still not sure which Paver is right for you?

We provide Expert installation of Brick and Concrete Pavers in Niceville and the surrounding areas.

Common Asked Questions About Our Paver Installation

The key to installing a Beautiful and Sustainable Paver project is prepping the foundation correctly. This is based on the type of traffic and the weight of the traffic. The process of prepping the area involves removing the current substrate, or soil and testing it.

We use geo fabric materials to create the best foundation possible for your pavers. We will remove old roots and concrete to create a new foundation for your brick pavers.

Drainage is a critical part to ensure the lifespan of Pavers. We will address proper drainage while prepping the foundation. Then we take the extra step of using a vibrating plate compactor, to create a solid foundation for your Pavers.

Yes, we can install Pavers over existing concrete. This is a case by case scenario.

Always Blooming Landscape will take additional steps to ensure your brick, or concrete Paver installation is installed correctly and will endure the traffic on the Pavers to last for generations.

Yes, we will custom cut pavers to fit the design and the final step is to top pavers with polymeric sand to cover all paver joints.

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The Always Blooming Service Difference

Our team are THE professionals when it comes to paver installation. We are rated 4.9 stars on Google by happy customers. Homeowners trust their installation job to our team at Always Blooming. Get started on your quote today!